Is it possible to get rich playing roulette?

Is it possible to win lots of money with luck, skill and a sophisticated method of playing? Is it possible to become so rich with roulette that, through a sophisticated winning plan, a luxurious life of living on the lucre of the game alone becomes a dream come true until the end of one's life, never again having to worry about one's financial situation?

Yes, of course, there has always been that. Most gamblers do not fail because of the ball, but they fail because of themselves and especially because of the irrepressible desire for more profit, which is a natural part of playing for money and cannot even be denounced.

Casinos not bankrupt Only those who, as in this example, play a roulette system that takes precautions and is primarily based on protecting staked money at all costs have any chance at all of winning permanently. Remember, casinos are flourishing like never before. If you believe the wild promises of some on the internet, the virtual gambling palaces should have filed for bankruptcy long ago, and all of them, just like the real casinos in real life.

But they have not.

Getting rich with roulette Rich gamblers used to carry their huge fortunes into casinos, put them on the table and gamble it all away. For some, this happened more slowly. For others, it did not take long for a once wealthy lord of the castle to become a pitiful beggar who, having lost everything, now begged for bread on the street.

Many kettle-gazers and kettle-failure gamblers have become rich through their physical strategies. In some cases, millions were at stake. Of course, the casinos did not like this. They changed the kettle, the ball, the refusal, the house rules, and thus actually also the roulette rules, and with these tricks they were able to drive the unwelcome big winners out of the gambling rooms. Anyone who became unruly because of the changes was threatened with a ban.

And today?

Today it is harder than ever to win riches with roulette. Online casinos do not allow players to milk them like a cow without limits. The ejection is not far away as soon as the monthly profits from the game exceed 10,000 euros. For many online casinos, the patience thread snaps much earlier. Due to the legal situation, there is virtually no possibility to sue.

Fortunately, there are thousands of colourful online casinos. So there is the possibility to change regularly. Nevertheless, it is no longer easy to earn huge sums at the gaming tables on the internet. And it will not get better, rather worse.

The small print in online casinos is written in such a tricky way that it is not uncommon for a player to fall into the reload bonus trap.

If nothing else helps, the roulette tables are manipulated and the big winner finds his invincible opponent in the electromagnet. Things that you never experience in a roulette simulator suddenly happen out of nowhere and make you lose.

In the example of Lightning Roulette, the rip-off, actually outright fraud, is so obvious that it takes your breath away.

Guerilla tactics against the house ban The same applies to the casinos. If you don't regularly give at least a small, voluntary tip to the croupiers even on easy chances or dozens and columns, if you don't change the casinos from time to time or take breaks, and if you don't tell the employees a sailor's yarn every now and then about how bad the last month was overall, with the exception of a few lucky days, although in reality you won well once again, then you can face the ban, which is valid not only here but throughout the country. So officially you are always playing for fun, for entertainment. Don't forget that.

Unfortunately, it is only with such guerrilla tactics that it is now possible to continue to use a good roulette strategy in the casino to make the cash register ring as loudly as only regular giant winnings in 5-digit amounts can make it ring.

All in all, this is a sad development. The foresight of the future leads us to fear that anyone who tries to become rich with roulette or richer than before will be treated like a criminal. The attempt is already punishable. Goodbye! You will be permanently barred from entering our house. One last look at the permanences, and that's it.

Rookies believe in get-rich-quick schemes Rip-off artists play with these scary scenarios. They fool the beginner on the internet into believing their roulette method wins the most money, and the proof of winning is the alleged gambling ban imposed because of the sums won.

Without exception, these are old wives' tales. You are being taken for a ride. Under certain circumstances, you will be presented with falsified or even non-existent permanents and corresponding win statistics, which are completely fictitious and hardly surpassable in terms of scurrility.

If you keep earning moderate winnings, they certainly won't block them, especially if you use the previously described guerrilla tactics for the casino and change the online casino every now and then. You can bounce back and forth between several.

Finally, a solid argument not to even think about "getting rich" in any way. Greed not only clouds the mind. It also robs it of the possibility to act rationally. Those who desperately, fanatically, almost compulsively want to get rich playing roulette are usually poorer afterwards than poor ex-rich people ever were.

Those who bet on modest profits, however, have a noticeable mental advantage. Whatever the future may bring, if you want to win at roulette, it works best with a roulette system that not only illustrates the necessary elements in a comprehensible way, but also implements them in a practically safe and perfect way and never lets you forget that small wins are worth more than shattered dreams with an empty wallet.

That is what I have to offer you with my strategy. No wisps, no fantasies, no riches but more than the ordinary roulette player can achieve.

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