Weddings: basic rules for successful dressing
Which suit colour and/or pattern to choose depending on the season? How to match different patterns? Which shoe colours to choose? How to wear a bow tie? Can you wear black to a wedding? And other questions that I found here and there in the comments or that David brought to my attention. You will find the brands we recommend in the various links provided throughout the text.
I insist: in other articles, I will come back to the particular cases of the witness, the father of the groom, the guest and the groom. This will be the occasion to question the wearing of the electric blue suit for the groom and to know whether or not white sneakers can be worn at a wedding.
For now, I want to ask this question, as a basis for all future wedding articles: what is the difference between "looking good" and "being good"?
Yes, yes, it's related and it's even fundamental.
A wedding, no matter what your role is, is always an opportunity to look your best. So, shall we go? Do you have a few minutes to spare?
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