What to consider when buying a cordless screwdriver
Once you have found the right type of cordless screwdriver, new questions immediately arise: Are the cheap cordless screwdrivers from the discount store to be recommended? Do I need one or more rechargeable batteries? Why do I need a drill chuck?
Discounter or brand-name screwdriver? The biggest problem with cheap screwdrivers from the supermarket is getting spare parts. It is very difficult to get spare parts for such tools. If you do succeed, they often cost as much as a new tool. Buying a cordless screwdriver from a discount store may seem like a bargain at first glance, but it can happen that you have to exchange the device after a few months because it is defective. That's why it's better to spend a few euros more when buying a cordless screwdriver and go for a brand-name device. As a rule, they break down much less often and if it does happen, spare parts can be obtained more easily.
Pay attention to the technical data of the battery! Once you have chosen a manufacturer, you only have to decide between a hundred different models. Among other things, the battery's voltage plays an important role. The more volts the screwdriver has, the heavier the tool. For home use, twelve volts are perfectly adequate. If you use the screwdriver regularly, it should have at least 18 volts.
In general, it is important to look at the technical data before buying. For example, the higher the Newton metre (Nm) rating, the more powerful the tool usually is. The number of ampere hours (Ah) of the battery indicates how quickly the device discharges. Values from 2.0 Ah are recommended. To avoid having to take long breaks when working, you should make sure that an additional battery is included when buying the screwdriver.
It's the little things that count If you want to drill as well as screw, you should invest in a quick-action chuck. This makes it quick and easy to change the various drill bits. Especially with newer brand-name tools, they are already part of the standard equipment. A 13 millimetre quick-action drill chuck is best - this way, thick drill bits can also be used without any problems.
In addition to a two-speed gearbox for heavy-duty screwdriving, the machine should have at least ten torque settings. This allows screws to be driven evenly into the workpiece.
Although almost all machines have a right-left rotation for screwing and unscrewing screws, attention should be paid to the positioning of the switch. Ideally, it should be located directly on the handle so that you can switch quickly. A soft grip also increases comfort when working, but should not be a decision criterion.
For safe transport and storage, the cordless screwdriver should be kept in a case. This way, accessories such as the charger, bits and drills or the operating instructions will not get lost and are always at hand.
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