Why do women like jewellery?
Today, it is difficult to find a woman who never wears jewellery. Whether it's to follow trends or to enhance a look, bracelets, necklaces or earrings are accessories that are highly appreciated by women. But why do women like to wear jewellery sets?
The must-have jewellery for women When it comes to deciding on jewellery, women have plenty to choose from. Bracelets in particular are a safe bet: they are easy to wear, relatively discreet and elegantly dress up the wrists.
Necklaces, strategically placed around the neck, are more noticeable. Beaded, gold or solid silver necklaces add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Like earrings, necklaces enhance the beauty of the face by giving it a beautiful glow.
Finally, women like to wear rings on their fingers. Symbolic and trendy, gold or silver rings always make a statement by embellishing the hands.
But where does this desire to adorn oneself with decorative objects come from? Since when do women like to wear shiny accessories?
Those who think that wearing jewellery is a habit born with modernity and better access to consumption are sadly mistaken. It is estimated that the first jewellery appeared around 100,000 years ago. At that time, jewellery was thought to have magical and religious properties: it served as good luck charms, talismans and even offerings to the gods.
For a time, jewellery was also a social marker, and was even reserved exclusively for the nobility. Wearing jewels was a mark of authority, and conferred a certain power.
Thus, the attraction for jewels does not date from yesterday. Between spiritual anchorage and a mark of belonging to a group, jewellery has always had a high importance within human societies.
Today, it is no longer only intended for a single social class - even if it is still true that certain diamonds and particularly rare stones are still reserved for an elite!
Today, jewellery is a decorative object accessible to all, which highlights feminine beauty - but not only: men also like to wear jewellery!
However, even today, jewellery continues to be symbolic. By personalising it with engravings, it is able to convey a message of love, represent a bond between two people, or recall a cherished moment.
So, whatever the reason for wearing it, each piece of jewellery is unique.
The necklace to embellish your dresses Add a touch of elegance to your outfits by wearing beautiful personalised necklaces. Play with medals, charms and precious stones to create 100% customised necklaces.
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The ring is a meaningful accessory that is sure to please.
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